Understanding the Unique Challenges of School Fundraising

When choosing a school fundraiser, it’s important to select an experienced company that truly knows the ins-and-outs of just that, “school” fundraising. At Charleston Wrap, we understand the unique challenges that school leaders, PTO/PTA sponsors, and parent groups face, and we’ve developed an exclusive process and set of tools to help your school’s fundraiser succeed.

25 years

School Experience.   25+ years. That’s a long time – but we’re no fundraising dinosaur.  For over 2 decades we’ve led the fundraising industry in innovation.  We’ve designed successful fundraising programs based on the needs and feedback from thousands of schools just like yours.  Do you have concerns about packing accuracy?  No worries – We’ll tell you why the packaging of your fundraising orders matters. Does your school need a boost in participation? We have a solution, aka- Daily Prizes!  Have another concern?  You get the idea.  After all, as industry leaders we’ve helped thousands of schools raise millions of dollars.

School Focused Tools.    We’ve made it super simple for schools to raise even more funds using many of our school focused tools.  Students and parents can easily track prize credits from our “Student Spot”, utilize our email templates for communicating with family & friends, and they can easily promote through social media with the click of a button for exponential exposure.  We also offer tools for sponsors like you at our Sponsor Tool Box.  Need a special report for top sellers or classrooms?  We provide a plethora of reporting that goes above and beyond.  Not only do we provide all the tools you necessary to spread the word so you can exceed your school’s goals, but we keep reporting neat and tidy for you so you’ll know your profits earned down to the penny.

2020 Spring Gift Fundraising Program

School Resources.  First time chairperson?  Don’t sweat it. We’ve seriously anticipated your needs before you’ve even thought of them.  Need tips for planning your Kick-Off assembly?  We’ve covered it all in our Kick-Off Guide !  How about advice on increasing participation during your fundraiser?  Set a 24-hour goal challenge!  Aside from our collection of article resources, we consider our experienced Fundraising Consultants our biggest and best resource!  Well-seasoned and ready to help you, our consultants will guide you step-by-step through your fundraiser offering advice and tips on numerous aspects of program.

From our ability to deliver school orders to the classroom, to our industry leading prize and incentive programs, Charleston Wrap is focused on the unique needs of large, school-wide annual fundraisers for preschools, elementary and middle schools.  We hope we’ve driven home the point – We understand your school’s needs inside and out.  After all, we’ve been doing this for over 25 years.  From collated packets (to make your job even easier) to social media sharing tools for your school, you’ll have everything you need to knock-the-socks off your fundraising goals.  If you’re looking for a streamlined, profitable and easy-to-run fundraiser for your school, you’ve come to the right place.  Request your school’s FREE how-to kit today and we’ll be glad to help you get started – Because that’s what we do.

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