Fall 2020 Program Highlights

Why Charleston Wrap is #1 in Fundraising

  • Earn more profit with a better fundraiser.

  • Offer quality products you’ll be proud to share.

  • Utilize our tools and resources for an easy fundraiser.

  • Offer a fundraiser with products of great value (and quality) for super happy supporters.

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Earn More Profit

  • Boost participation by 25% with our motivating incentive programs.

  • Offer a superior product selection your supporters actually want and need.

  • A better value which means supporters will be glad to participate in your next Charleston Wrap® fundraiser.

  • The most advanced digital and promotional tools in fundraising to help you spread the word for incremental profits.

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We Make Fundraising Easy

  • Easy online participant registration and social sharing tools.

  • Reach your supporters using our Email Bank and Social Media Image Bank.

  • Our Email Invite Generator allows participants to share your fundraising link with friends & family.

  • 24/7 online reporting makes it easy and convenient to measure your progress during your fundraising campaign.

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Quality, Show-Stopping Products Matter

  • Keep your supporters coming back for more year-after-year with superior quality products, like our signature Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrap (Yep, it has a trademark – It’s. That. Good.).

  • Quality packaging matters which is why we invest in professional packaging of our products, perfect for (proud) gift-giving.

  • Exclusive, high-quality products your supporters actually want and need (100% satisfaction guaranteed).

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A Better Value for Your Supporters

  • Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrap – Strong enough to hold a bowling ball!

  • A whopping 40 sq. ft. per roll!More footage per roll means more gifts you can wrap! *Industry standard is only 30-32 sq. ft.

  • All standard gift wrap rolls are REVERSIBLE which means you get two designs for multiple gift-giving occasions. Win-win!

  • The quality of gift wrap we know you expect- Strong, tear-free, and beautiful.

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