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Elementary School Fundraising

A fundraising campaign that will increase profits without decreasing time in the classroom.

Here at Charleston Wrap, we believe in giving the students a successful fundraising experience by giving their supporters a direct connection to high-quality products. Students can get more than just funds for school supplies when working with Charleston Wrap. Learning about responsibility, team work, and setting goals come free of charge when you sign up.

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What can elementary school fundraising teach students as they raise money for schools?

Charleston Wrap knows that time in the classroom is crucial and allocated towards learning. We also know that our role in fundraising is to increase sales for your school or organization. In order to do that, students and parents must have the proper tools to promote sales within a timely manner.

Our email marketing tool cuts out door-to-door sales, and our online reporting allows students to track the amount of products that their supporters have bought. This online tracking system will help students set and reach goals in the convenience of their home. At the end of their elementary school fundraiser sale, students will be more experienced with online tools and will have reached their fundraising goal.

What can elementary school fundraising do for your school?

When working with Charleston Wrap, an elementary school fundraising campaign can provide supporters with the highest quality products in the industry. A lot of our Kitchen & Home products can be personalized to add that extra touch to your next school fundraising campaign. We design all of our wrapping paper in house and take pride in our UltraHeavy™ high-quality paper. Each roll is double-sided with one holiday design and a generic design for all-purpose use.

By providing a quality product that supporters will actually want to buy, we can create some excitement to purchase and increase your school fundraising profits. Charleston Wrap’s team is dedicated to making your fundraising experience the best possible. We will work with you from signup to delivery; all you need to do is fill out the form to get started.



We understand you need the right tools to exceed your fundraising goals.

 At Charleston Wrap, you’ll experience exclusive, high quality products that people actually want to buy (100% product satisfaction), expert service to assist your participants, incentives with proven results to motivate your sellers, reporting so you can celebrate your successes, and marketing tools to help you spread-the-word. Essentially, you’ll find a superior program with Charleston Wrap.