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How to Increase Your Fundraiser’s Sales in 24-Hours!

Increase Your Fundraiser's Sales in 24-Hours! Communicating your fundraiser's goals and results are super important.  Social media is proving to be a huge asset and contributor to creating awareness of your fundraiser, so why not use it to your advantage and crank up the hype? Want to increase sales? Set a 24-hour goal challenge! Determine your 24-hour goal amount (for example, $1,000 in 24-hours) and challenge participants and supporters to share the fundraising information with their friends and family, encouraging their participation [...]

How to Ignite Support in the Final Hours of Your Fundraiser

Final Fundraising Countdown Challenge! The only way to increase your fundraising sales and profits before your deadline is to promote, promote, promote, and the best way to ignite support during the final hours of your fundraiser is with a simple, yet urgent, social media blitz - A Final Countdown Challenge. Launch a Final Countdown Challenge on social media and watch your profits grow! Review your current fundraising sales and determine the amount you still need to raise before your urgent deadline.  Your [...]

Social Media Guide to School Fundraising

Social media is the easiest way to promote your school's fundraiser.  Imagine the number of fundraising supporters you can reach with a simple Facebook or Instagram message!  It only takes a few minutes to create a post and the results can be exponential.  Maximize your school's fundraising profits with very little time involved and you'll be on your way to reaching your goals. 6 Tips for Promoting Your School's Fundraiser on Social Media  Create an “event” on Facebook ahead of time!  Have your [...]

Prime Times for School Fundraising

Prime fundraising dates matter, in a very big way.  Be sure to talk with your Charleston Wrap® fundraising coach early in the year to guarantee your school's spot for the most popular dates of the fundraising season. Don't forget to ask about our contact-free and virtual fundraising options! What are the perks to fundraising during “prime dates”? Higher Participation. Supporters are more willing to support your fundraiser during prime dates because they haven’t already bought from another school fundraiser (they aren’t [...]

Farewell Yankee Candle Fundraising. Hello, Charleston Wrap!

Farewell Yankee Candle Fundraising. Hello, Charleston Wrap! Yankee Candle fundraisers were certainly a tradition for many schools and groups over the years. If your organization has previously raised funds with Yankee Candle fundraising, you may be looking for an alternative candle fundraiser. Yankee Candle fundraising announced the closing of their programs in 2020, leaving many schools and groups seeking an alternative candle fundraiser. Many of those organizations have found Charleston Wrap® as a new fundraising tradition, while exceeding their goals and keeping [...]

Virtual Fundraising: The New Way for Schools and Groups to Raise Funds

Virtual Fundraising: The New Way for Schools and Groups to Raise Funds In the good old days, catalogs and paper form ordering were the go-to for fundraising. Participants would go door-to-door or call up their relatives on the phone and ask them to purchase products from their fundraising catalog. But! Technology has blasted the fundraising industry forward into the digital world and we are happy to be here! Fundraising has a new edge and Charleston Wrap® is taking advantage. From online ordering, [...]

5 Steps to Planning Your School Fundraiser: How to Get Started

5 Steps to Planning Your School Fundraiser: How to Get Started Research.  Do your research and select a school fundraiser that best fits your needs.  Choosing a fundraiser for your entire school is a big task, but it doesn't have to be difficult.  In fact, it should be quite simple with the help of an experienced Fundraising Consultant.  Don't know where to start or what questions to ask?  Find out How To Pick The Perfect School Fundraiser- 15 Questions to Ask Before [...]

A Better Value. A Better Gift Wrap Fundraiser.

Give your supporters the most bang for their buck with a fundraiser that offers a fantastic V A L U E.  We know there are plenty of gift wrap snobs out in the world (you know who you are), and we're confident the Q U A L I T Y of our Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrap will exceed your high standards. Our wraps offer more footage per roll at a better price point, too! Check the footage (and price) of other rolls and you won't find [...]

Fundraising Made Easy

We make fundraising E A S Y - and that's how it should be. Earn maximum (and easy) funds with Charleston Wrap's online resources and social sharing tools! We provide all the online tools you need to expand your reach and audience for incremental sales and big profits. With a Charleston Wrap®  fundraiser, you'll be on your way to raising more funds with less stress. Easy online participant registration and social sharing tools Reach your supporters using our Email Bank and Social Media [...]

Quality Fundraisers Matter. Why?

Quality fundraising matters, in more ways than one, and happy supporters matter, too. Does your school or organization offer a fundraiser with exclusive, show-stopping products? Are you ready to make the switch to an overall better, easier and more profitable fundraiser? Impress your supporters with your next fundraiser. Choose Charleston Wrap® and exceed your goals - and everyone's expectations. Keep your supporters coming back for more year-after-year with superior quality products, like our signature Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrap (Yep, it has a trademark - It's. [...]

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