Why the Packaging of Your School’s Fundraising Orders Matters

It’s the little things that matter, like bubble wrap and a large yellow label.  

So many fundraising companies do it all wrong – they don’t give attention to their packaging process, causing major headaches for school sponsors and PTA volunteers. Imagine receiving your school’s fundraising delivery to find improper or no labeling of orders. You’ve got parents scheduled to pick up orders in less than an hour and you’re standing in the school gym trying to figure out how in the world you’re going to organize hundreds fundraising orders. On top of all that, products are packaged in cardboard trays wrapped in cellophane (yeah, cellophane). Cellophane is tearing, products are falling out of cardboard trays left and right, and you find yourself in the middle of complete chaos, just hoping another volunteer is willing to help you sort through the mess so that you still have time to make it to your son’s football game. Ugh. At that point, just put a fork in it and call it a day – seriously!  The sheer thought is exhausting, but there is good news – Not all school fundraising companies are created equally, and yes, there is hope.

Cris Coursen, Warehouse Manager for Charleston Wrap, says it best, “Packing accuracy is our main priority, but we are also very concerned with proper packing and packaging.”   Fun Fact: Charleston Wrap has two “bubble wrap” machines that make bubble wrap all day long during the busy Fall fundraising season.

Why It Matters:

the number 1Makes distributing orders easy and convenient.

the number 2Reduces volunteer time.

the number 3Protected products and accurately packed orders = Happy parents and supporters!

Proper packaging matters for school sponsors like Amanda C. from Lincoln Elementary School: “Just to let you know we were smoozed pretty heavily this year from [our previous fundraising company].  When told we were going with you again this year, they wanted to know why. I told them your packaging was key for us this year. It was so easy for our volunteers to hand out the boxes. And considering that most of the fundraising product distribution is volunteer help, this was crucial.  The fact that each box is individualized per student with a large yellow sticker, with the student’s name, their teacher’s name, their grade level and how many boxes they had was super beneficial to our school. I can’t compliment your company enough for how easy that made our lives!”

During the Fall season, you’ll find Cris and his team packing orders for school sponsors just like Amanda, keeping in mind their goal is to make distribution easy for schools. Cris and his team hand-pick and pack over 1.6 million items within a very small 8-10 week window. They carefully select the correct box sizes for each order (reducing the risk of crushed boxes), and then pick from over 1,400 items to fulfill each students’ order. Boxes (yes, real boxes, with lids and tape and all the fixin’s) are then packed with bubble wrap and slapped with large yellow labels that every Charleston Wrap sponsor has come to know and  love. Did we mention quality control, too?

Schools such as Lincoln Elementary can rest assured knowing Cris and his team are also working hard to deliver accurately packed orders, too. Order fulfillment is checked by trained Auditors to ensure item accuracy, making school volunteers’ lives easier at distribution-time (aka – prevention of order errors). It’s no small feat, but it’s the #1 priority for Cris and his team, and schools love them for it.

The Charleston Wrap Way:

Hand-picked orders.

Appropriate box sizing for product protection.

Bubble wrap (lots of it!)

Large yellow labels identifying individual orders makes distribution a breeze!

Quality Control by trained Auditors, ensuring ACCURACY of every order.

At Charleston Wrap, we know volunteer time is precious. We remember sponsors like Amanda, and consider every single detail during the packaging process so that her school’s distribution of fundraising orders is seamless. If you’re in need of raising funds and are interested in a hassle-free fundraising program, give us a call or fill out the form below.  We’d love to help you raise the funds you need – and Cris will even throw in some bubble wrap, too!