School Fundraising Kick-Off Guide:

6 Tips for Planning Your Kick-Off Assembly

A school with students kicking-off their fundraiser

Prepare PTA volunteers, teachers and the Principal

 Ask key members of your school community to participate in your fundraiser’s kick-off assembly!  Make sure everyone is aware of the kick-off date, time, and their responsibilities. The #1 priority is to HAVE FUN!

  • Parent volunteers: Refer to our Volunteer Tasks & Tips for kick-off volunteer opportunities.  
  • Principal and Teachers: Kids love seeing their Principal and teachers involved in all the fun festivities, especially during your Kick-Off assembly.  Encourage your Principal and other silly teachers to let loose and have lots of fun – their participation will set the tone for your entire fundraiser.  Some fun ways to get the Principal and teachers involved:
    • During the kick-off assembly, have one of the teachers and/or the Principal create a video on their cell phone promoting the fundraiser (get them to dress-up in a costume and act silly during the video).  Share the video on the school’s Facebook page!
    • Ask the Principal to agree to doing something wild and crazy if the school reaches its goal. Have the Principal make the announcement about what he/she plans to do if the goal is met. (Ideas: dye their hair blue, kiss a pig, sit on the roof of the school during lunch, get duct-taped to the wall by all the students who participate in the fundraiser)

Decorate the school


Set up your Display Kit and hang promotional posters in prominent locations around the school to help keep the fundraiser fresh on everyone’s minds.

  • Make it obvious that something fun is going on at school!
  • Decorate outside the school and in the carpool line, in the hallways, school office, lunchroom, and in the classrooms.

Gather your materials

Plan ahead so that you have all the materials you’ll need for a successful kick-off assembly.

  • Be sure you have access to the Kick-Off Video.
  • Determine all necessary technical equipment needed such as laptop, screen, microphones, speakers, Wifi access, and necessary cords.
  • Fundraising packets and prizes to be shown during the assembly.
  • Any additional props, costumes, or free prizes you might give away during the kick-off assembly.

Prepare your script  

Don’t know what to communicate at your kick-off assembly?  

  • For a live kick-off assembly (recommended), check out our Kick-Off ScriptBe sure to include engaging activities and get the students and teachers involved.
  • For a parent assembly, check out our Parent Night Script, stressing your goal and the importance of involvement from all families (great for Open-House, Back-to-School Night, or any school-wide event).

Be sure to finalize your goal amount and determine how the funds will be used – this is a critical piece of information you’ll want to communicate to students, parents, teachers and supporters.

Select the music  

A fun theme-song is a great way to kick-off your fundraiser.  Play the theme-song as students arrive and depart from the assembly.

  • Choose a song that’s upbeat and of course, appropriate.
  • Consider choosing a song that incorporates your school mascot, or perhaps the theme of the prize incentive program.
  • Have your Principal approve the theme-song before the kick-off assembly.

Spread the word early

Don’t waste any time!  It’s never too early to start promoting your fundraiser.  Plan ahead to get the word out before your fundraiser kicks-off.

  • Create an “event” on the school or PTA’s Facebook page to heighten awareness about your fundraiser kick-off.  Set the event date as your kick-off date.  Make several posts leading up to your kick-off to create awareness among parents. For example- “Be on the lookout for your Charleston Wrap® fundraising packet coming home this Friday!  Please like and comment below if we have your support!”
  • Prepare to include the fundraising information in the school newsletter leading up to the kick-off date.  If your fundraiser begins in September, make an announcement in the August newsletter. For example – “Our Charleston Wrap® Fundraiser kicks off September 1st! Look for the packet coming home with your child. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!”.

Refer to our School Fundraising Promotion Timeline as a guide for when and what you should communicate to your fundraising participants.