2024 Student Incentives

Motivated Participants: The Key to Reaching Your Goals

The key to any successful fundraiser is motivating your participants. With the help from students, parents and teachers, you are sure to reach your fundraising goals.  Charleston Wrap offers an array of incentive programs to get everyone involved so that your sales skyrocket!  In addition to our cumulative prize program, we offer several more enhanced programs to motivate your participants, including daily incentivesteacher incentives, and even internet prizes for participants that help spread the word online.  But how do these incentive programs actually help your funds soar?

Distributing prizes during your fundraiser and encouraging participation are proven ways to ignite movement!  Our daily incentives and internet prize programs are designed to cause a ripple effect throughout your school, creating excitement and the drive for everyone to participate.  This prevents a phrase we like to call “fundraising procrastination” – when participants wait until the very last day to place their fundraising orders.  Engaged participation throughout your fundraiser is how you reach your goals (and hopefully how you exceed them, too!).  Most importantly, never underestimate the impact teachers have on your fundraiser. Offer Teacher Incentives to encourage classroom participation and boosted sales.  Teachers can be your biggest advocates and loudest fundraising cheerleaders during your selling period, so be sure to thank them with incentives, too!  The more participants, the more awareness, the more orders, and the higher your sales will be – getting you closer to your goals each and every day.

2024 Poster Size Prize Brochure

  Cumulative/Pick-A-Prize Combo

  No Costs to the School

Giant, poster-size fundraising incentives flyer!

Each student receives a poster size prize flyer displaying all fundraiser incentives. Fundraising prize posters are great for hanging around the school to increase enthusiasm.

Online sales count toward prize levels.

Our innovative system automatically gives students credit from their online fundraiser sales. This will increase their chances of earning those cool fundraising incentives.