Why Us?

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Helping Schools & Groups Fundraise for 25+ Years

Better Products.  Better Fundraising.


Most schools see 30% more profit when switching to Charleston Wrap.

Raise More.  Schools and groups that switch to Charleston Wrap from other school fundraising companies generally see a 30% increase in their annual fundraiser.  Why?  Simply put, people like our quality products and our easy promotion tools.  Ultimately, the more they buy, the more you put in the bank.

Better Value. It’s no secret that with better quality products priced right, supporters won’t feel the “gotcha” of having paid top dollar for bottom of the barrel.  Why is this important?  Since you won’t burn your supporters with poor quality, over priced products this year, they’ll be willing participants next year.  


We know the elementary and pre-school market.

School Experience.   As industry leaders among school fundraising companies for over 25 years, we’ve helped 1000s of school raise millions of dollars.  We understand the unique challenges that school leaders, PTO/PTA sponsors, and parent groups face.  And we’ve developed an exclusive process and set of tools to help your fundraiser succeed.

School Focused Tools.    From our ability to deliver school orders to the classroom to our industry leading prize and incentive programs, we are focused on the unique needs of large, school-wide annual fundraisers for preschools and elementary schools.


With our tools and team, it’s easy.  

Step-by-Step Guide. We’ve got the missing manual.  We spell out the step-by-step instructions on how to run a great fundraiser and give you all the tools you need.

Great Promotional Tools.  With printed catalogs, online shopping, Facebook, and email-a-friend promotional tools, your supporters will have an easy way to share our high quality products, easily boosting your participation and net revenue.  Online reporting makes tracking your progress a breeze.  

Your own coach.  You’re not alone!  Get assigned to one of our real-live human fundraising consultants.  This isn’t their first rodeo!  They’re on-hand, every step of the way to coach you through to another successful fundraiser.  

Over 135 PRODUCTS PRICED at $15 or LESS

We understand value.  

Great quality, Great price, less “Gotcha!”  We know supporters hate the “gotcha” of paying top dollar for bottom of the barrel quality…and they won’t be back for next year’s fundraiser.  We lead other school fundraising companies in providing more quality for less cost.  The result?  Supporters buy more, (you raise more!) and won’t mind buying again next year.

Direct Manufacturer.  Few other school fundraising companies can match our value pricing.  How do we do it?  Well, it’s not easy, but we design, source, warehouse, and have nearly all of our items custom manufactured to our exacting specifications.  This extra effort allows us to provide schools with exclusive items at a much better price


There’s something for everyone! 

Variety.  Gift wrap, kitchen and home products, electronic gadgets, hundreds of personalized items- a variety of unique, priced-right items means there is something for everyone to purchase.

Exclusive Designs. Most of our products are exclusively designed by us and custom manufactured for us.

500 Personalized Products.  You won’t find another school fundraising company that has more embroidered, monogrammed, and personalized products than us. Supporters enjoy this popular add-on which increases your fundraiser’s profit.  


Better Prizes = Better Participation = More Revenue

Teacher Incentives. Teachers are an integral part of your fundraising success. Get teachers on board with special rewards for classroom participation. Ask your fundraising representative for more information.

Prize Program. Prizes are a great way to motivate students and boost participation. Our FREE, cumulative/pick-a-prize combo program is the perfect way to engage your participants at no extra cost.

Daily Incentives. Keep the momentum going throughout your fundraiser and reward students during your fundraiser with our FREE, daily incentive program. Our collectibles are absolutely irresistible and proven to boost participation.

Internet Prizes.  Reward students for sharing your fundraising information with friends and family via our email template feature. Internet prizes are shipped with your fundraising materials to be distributed during your fundraiser.


Use our online tools to extend your reach and track your success!  

Online Store.  Shop from anywhere, any time with our popular website, supporters can expect the convenience of shopping from home and schools can expect added sales from out-of-town friends and family

Facebook Sharing Tool.  Share the love.  Easily post the sale message to Facebook and give supporters a convenient direct-to-store, ready-to-buy link… no login required.

Email-a-Friend. It couldn’t be more simple, parents register their students online, enter the email addresses of people they want to invite to support their student and we do the rest.  Our system sends the email, with the ready-to-shop links and allows parents to track who participates (and who doesn’t!)  


Thousands of schools and millions of dollars raised.

You won’t find many school fundraising companies with over 25 years in the school fundraising industry.   We’ve successfully supported school fundraising efforts across the nation and across the world, but don’t just take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • +65%  Fielder Elementary $7,771 increase in retail sale over Yankee Candle by switching to Charleston Wrap.
  • +212% Cummins First Methodist P.S. increased retail by $19,987 over Mixed Bags.
  • +347% Marengo ACA increased retail by $6,941 over World’s Finest.


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