Project Description

So long, Yankee Candle Fundraising!

Yankee Candle Fundraising is no more– Now what?

This is likely the first question in a list of many if your school or group was one of the thousands that chose to run Yankee Candle fundraisers year after year. As one of the most well-known fundraising programs in the country, the impact of the June 2020 announcement, which effectively ended the Yankee Candle fundraising department, was felt far and wide.

The official statement from Yankee Candle Fundraising reads:

“In light of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our Fundraising business, we have made the difficult decision to close down the Yankee Candle Fundraising program. We know that many of you rely on us to help you raise funds and we are sorry that we will no longer be able to support your fundraising efforts…”

While this came as a shock to the many schools, PTAs / PTOs, church groups, sports teams, etc. that depended on a Yankee Candle Fundraiser as an important source of revenue, great success has been found with fundraising alternatives- namely: Charleston Wrap®.

Our candles are produced with 100% white soy wax, blended with essential oils for a luxurious fragrance. We use maximum levels of fragrance poured throughout the entire candle (not just on top of the candle) to ensure a clean burn and distinctive true-to-life scent.

  • PERSONALIZE your candles! The only thing better than a great smelling candle is one that is personalized!
  • Even burn. Our wax burns down the middle of our inclusion candles without melting the outside, retaining a beautiful look.
  • Quality candles, gift boxed.
    • 100% white soy wax blended with essential oils for a luxurious fragrance.
    • Clean burn, no soot. Lead-free wicks.
    • Both 3-wick and single wick candles available. 30-60 hour burn time.

Why Charleston Wrap®?  

  • While we offer an excellent assortment of candles and fragrances, we’re more than just candles – Shop over 2,500 high quality gift ideas!
  • Now offering contact-free fundraising options for all of our fundraising programs.
  • Earn MORE profits with a better fundraiser – increase profits by 30% when switching to Charleston Wrap®!
  • Utilize our promotional tools and digital resources for an easy-to-run fundraiser.
  • Offer a fundraiser with products of great value(and quality) for super happy supporters.

Your Yankee Candle Fundraiser may have been an important tradition that your school or organization will miss, however, if you’re looking for an excellent replacement contact us today! We offer the highest quality products in the industry and can give you the tools to increase your profits right away! To Yankee Candle, Charleston Wrap® would like to offer a heartfelt goodbye to a truly worthy competitor in the fundraising industry! And to schools and groups searching for their new fundraising tradition – Charleston Wrap® has you covered.