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Not Your Typical Sally Foster Fundraiser!

With Charleston Wrap, there’s no need to sacrifice sales in the name of technology.

Internet sales are becoming more and more critical to the success of school fundraisers. It allows for the students to reach a bigger crowd, and it offers the customer the opportunity to order a wider variety of items that deliver directly to their home. Some fundraisers tried to run with the internet sales aspect and weren’t so successful. The popular Sally Foster Wrapping Fundraiser tried to use an online-only system in which students would sell gift cards that the customer would then redeem on the web store, but this didn’t really bode well with their customers.

Charleston Wrap understands the necessity of internet sales, but hasn’t forgotten that part of the excitement with participating in a school fundraiser is holding the catalog to share personally with friends, family, and coworkers. Our beautiful catalogs will not disappoint! We welcome you to take a look at the catalogs you can use for your next school fundraiser!

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Take advantage of paper & internet sales!

To help increase your profit and make your sale a great success, we not only offer unique, high-quality products, but we make it easy to buy and support the students and school. Our fundraising catalogs are easy to navigate and are filled with useful, exciting products that will impress your supporters, and can be easily written down on 4-part order form.

For the long-distance school-supporter, parents and students can send out a prepared email inviting them to log on to our website and start shopping immediately! They can have their order ship directly to their house and could qualify for free shipping!

The Sally Foster Gift Wrap Fundraiser alternative you’ve been looking for!

If you liked Sally Foster’s Gift Wrap… you’ll love ours! One of our best programs is our wrapping paper fundraiser, and we are proud to offer even better innovative designs for this upcoming season. See for yourself why our holiday and all-occasion gift wrap is no match for any other wrapping paper fundraiser. In our fundraising catalogs and online store, you’ll find:

  • Rolls that hold 32 to 60 sq. feet of wrap
  • Patterns that are designed in house and are completely unique
  • Wraps that have fun 3-D elements (patent-pending!)
  • Gift wrap accessories to make every gift personal and exceptional



We understand you need the right tools to exceed your fundraising goals.

 At Charleston Wrap, you’ll experience exclusive, high quality products that people actually want to buy (100% product satisfaction), expert service to assist your participants, incentives with proven results to motivate your sellers, reporting so you can celebrate your successes, and marketing tools to help you spread-the-word. Essentially, you’ll find a superior program with Charleston Wrap.