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Private School Fundraisers

“Better Than Average” Private School Fundraisers

You may feel like every product fundraising company is the same, offering low-quality products for a high price. Charleston Wrap has a higher standard for products and incentives because we know that a quality product will generate more profit for you and your funding needs. Choose from an assortment of bags, kitchen & home products, UltraHeavy™ wrapping paper, and much more! Click on the catalog at the top of the page to see our private school fundraising products.

An Educational Experience Outside of the Classroom

It would be extremely hard for a team to win a championship without a coach. That is why we would never put you in a program without confidence, a plan, and reliable support. We are fully aware that time in the classroom is very important, but our private school fundraising programs will teach students valuable lessons outside of the classroom. Setting goals and teamwork are just two of the lessons that come with our fundraising programs. Access to online tools will also teach students valuable marketing techniques based off of their fundraiser and the progress they have made. Marketing and reporting tools can motivate students to take their fundraising campaign to the next level, a goal that Charleston Wrap sets right when you sign up. A successful fundraising campaign for your private school can open up the minds of students and inspire them to take advantage of opportunities that lay ahead. Give your students an opportunity to become successful by signing up with Charleston Wrap!

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We understand you need the right tools to exceed your fundraising goals.

 At Charleston Wrap, you’ll experience exclusive, high quality products that people actually want to buy (100% product satisfaction), expert service to assist your participants, incentives with proven results to motivate your sellers, reporting so you can celebrate your successes, and marketing tools to help you spread-the-word. Essentially, you’ll find a superior program with Charleston Wrap.