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Choose Charleston Wrap as your next Catholic School Fundraiser!

A successful sale starts with a strong support system!

We know that a Catholic school already has a reliable foundation made of parents that are invested in their children’s education, but eventually, pooling from the same supporters over and over can become frustrating. Of course parents want to contribute and cover the necessary expenses of the school, but sometimes, you need extra help! Charleston Wrap Fundraising not only offers fun, quality products that parents won’t get tired of buying, but we also have a great online store that out-of-town relatives and friends can access to show their support for the student and school, as well!

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There are endless reasons to participate in the Charleston Wrap fundraiser, including:

  • Our catalogs display our products professionally, and you will be proud to share them with school supporters.
  • Our products are high-quality AND affordable!
  • These catalogs are paired with our online store that has an even greater selection and offers a wide variety of personalizable items that make the perfect, thoughtful gifts.
  • We are constantly coming up with innovative ways to make your school fundraising the best, and that is what makes Charleston Wrap a fundraiser that you can come back to year after year.

Everyone will find something to love with Charleston Wrap!

  • The Charleston Wrap staff is dedicated to assisting you from the start of the sale through the final delivery.
  • Parents will appreciate how easy it is to order items and invite family and friends to order through the online store, which means that, in turn, the school will be profitable and the students will reap the benefits.
  • The students will be excited to participate in the sale once they know about our fun prize-incentive programs. Not only doe we include prizes, we also have a fantastic daily prize incentive program that includes fun collectibles, guaranteed to motivate participants during your sale!
  • All of the supporters who order on the paper form and online will love receiving their high-quality products that are also competitively priced.



We understand you need the right tools to exceed your fundraising goals.

 At Charleston Wrap, you’ll experience exclusive, high quality products that people actually want to buy (100% product satisfaction), expert service to assist your participants, incentives with proven results to motivate your sellers, reporting so you can celebrate your successes, and marketing tools to help you spread-the-word. Essentially, you’ll find a superior program with Charleston Wrap.