Fundraiser Kick-Off Script

Charleston Wrap kick-off

If you’re planning on holding a live Kick-Off assembly for your school fundraiser, have no fear!  In addition to our Kick-Off Guide: 6 Tips For Planning Your Kick-Off Assembly, we’ve created a simple, fun, and easy-to-use Kick-Off script just for you!  Simply review the script below and fill in the blanks – that’s it – but feel free to make tweaks and edits, too.  It’s always a good idea to share the final script with your school Principal and other PTA volunteers before your kick-off assembly, just to ensure you have included all the key information about your school’s fundraiser.  A typical Kick-Off assembly lasts between 20-30 minutes and has a tremendous impact on your fundraising results.  So, get ready to be silly – the students will love it and you’ll quickly see the impact a live kick-off assembly has on your fundraiser’s participation.

Need a script for an upcoming Parent Night (Back-to-School or Open House)? We’ve got you covered:  Parent Night script.

(Play your chosen Kick-Off theme song as students enter the assembly)


Good (morning/afternoon) everyone!  I am so happy to be with you as we kick-off our Fall fundraiser! This year, we’ve chosen to partner with Charleston Wrap® and we are soooooooooooooo excited to talk about all the fun things we have planned, including how you can earn some awesome prizes!

Let me ask you a question. How many of you like _________?  (example of what past fundraisers have paid for)

Did you know our past fundraisers have also helped us provide _______? (list a few more things that past fundraisers have paid for)  

That’s pretty impressive, right!  Well, we really need your help so we can all continue to enjoy these things and more.


So, let’s talk about our Charleston Wrap® fundraiser and how YOU can help our school….. If you pay close attention, four (4) students will have an opportunity to WIN a PRIZE at the end of this assembly, just by answering one of my questions later – so be sure to listen closely!  (Small prize suggestions: piece/bag of candy, homework pass, bookmark, school spirit wear)

We have a really big task at hand.

We need to raise $_____________!! (say the goal amount slowly and maybe even repeat it, just to emphasize the amount)

That’s a lot of money!  

The funds we raise will be used to ___________________. (provide specifics, and talk about how the students will benefit from these resources)

We have a lot of work to do, but with your help we will reach our goal of $__________!

So, what do you guys think?  Can we do it? (pause)

I can’t hear you!  Can we reach our goal of $________? (pause).

You’re absolutely right!  With everyone’s participation, we will reach our goal.


Now…. are you ready to hear about all the awesome prizes you can win? (pause) I can’t hear you!  Are you guys ready to hear about all the prizes?! (pause) Let’s take a look at the video!


(During the video, have top sellers from last year come to the stage and/or parent/teacher volunteers to prepare for the upcoming “activity”)

  • If applicable, after the video you’ll want to talk a little more about the Charleston Wrap® Daily Prizes students can earn at school during the fundraiser.  A few tips:
    • SHOW THE DAILY PRIZES! Have a few volunteers walking around the assembly showing off the collectibles and holding up the plush prize. 
    • Remind students they will receive daily prizes AT SCHOOL when they submit their coupons!  
    • Tell students where they should submit their coupons and redeem their prizes: __________ (lunchroom, in the school office, etc.) 
    • Remind students they’ll be entered to WIN the plush prize whenever they submit a coupon at school.
  • If applicable, now is also the time to talk about any school-sponsored prizes
    • Ideas for free prizes the school can offer: Extra recess time, homework pass, lunch with the principal, dress down day.

What do you guys think?  Those are some pretty great prizes, am I right?  (pause).

We are very excited to see what each and every one of you can do to help our school raise the funds we need.  


Okay, so now we need to talk about your homework assignment for tonight!  BUT, don’t be worried, it’s really easy and can be a lot of fun, too!! 

So, here’s your assignment…..Be sure to listen closely….

  1. Today you will take home your Charleston Wrap® fundraising packet! (have several volunteers scattered throughout the room holding up the fundraising packet, jumping around, acting silly, waving the packet Be sure to take your fundraising packet OUT of your book bag, and show it to your parents!  Maybe you can even dance around your house!
  2. There are a few things you’ll want to pull out of your packet tonight. The CATALOGS and the PRIZE poster! (have several volunteers demonstrate, holding up the catalogs, showing the prizes and prize posters)  You’ll want to take the catalogs and your prize poster out of the fundraising packet and show them to your parents!  Wow, look at all those prizes!! (if you’re participating in the Daily Prize Program, be sure to show-off the daily prizes the students can earn at school.)
  3. The next thing you’ll want to do, is get your parents to register online!  Instructions are provided inside of your packet for your parents so be sure to show them. Once you register, you can invite your grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to support our fundraiser.  Guess what happens if you register online and share your fundraising link with 10 friends and family tonight? You could receive your first prize tomorrow (internet prize, if applicable). How cool is that?!  Who wants to earn a prize tomorrow?!

This is probably the easiest homework assignment you’ve ever had!  So, who is going to complete tonight’s homework assignment? All you need to do is pull the fundraising packet out of your book bag and show your parents.  Get your parents to register online, send 10 or more emails or text messages tonight, and you’ll qualify to pick up your very first prize tomorrow (internet prize, if applicable)!


Okay, so let’s find out who has been paying attention!  I have four (4) questions to ask.  If you know the answer to a question, raise your hand and you could WIN a PRIZE!

(This should be really fun!  You may want to play your Kick-Off theme song during this segment. Have the Principal walk around with a microphone and call on students who raise their hands.  If a student answers correctly, let them come on stage to redeem a small prize.)

#1.   How much money do we need to raise?  

#2.   What are we going to do with the money we raise? 

#3.   What is your homework assignment tonight?  (Show parents the catalogs and prize poster)

#4.   How can you earn your first prize tomorrow? (By registering and sending out 10 emails to friends and family)


WOW! I think we’re all really excited about our fundraiser!  With everyone’s help, we will be sure to meet our goals and earn lots of fun prizes, too!  Don’t forget to go home tonight and show your parents the fundraising packet.  Hang-up your prize poster at home and start earning those prizes!!!  Thank you to everyone, and LET’S GO _________!  (school mascot)  

(Play your chosen Kick-Off theme song as students exit the assembly)

Your Kick-Off assembly should be enthusiastic, informative, and over-the-top FUN!  Let loose and allow the students to dance and get a little wacky, too!  Don’t be afraid to add more fun to your assembly – The more teachers and students you can get involved, the better!  And, don’t let the Principal miss out on all the fun…they are a key player to your fundraiser’s success so pull them on stage and let the students see just how silly their Principal can actually be!  Here’s to a fantastically-fun kick-off assembly and record-breaking sales!