Fundraising Script for Parent Night

The best time to get in front of parents to talk about your school’s fundraiser is during Parent Night, Open-House, or Back-to-School Night. Don’t miss a great opportunity to inform parents of your Charleston Wrap® fundraiser, your goals, and how you plan to use the funds raised.  After all, you need the support of your school community in order to reach your goals – so take advantage of parents’ time at school and get the word out!  Just like our Kick-Off script for your school-wide student assembly, we’ve created a simple Parent Night script to follow (see below), addressing all the key points of your school’s fundraiser.  Feel free to tweak and make edits, too!


Hello! I’m ____________ (name and title- i.e. PTO President) and I’m here to talk about our 2018 Fall Fundraiser!  This year, we have chosen to partner with Charleston Wrap®.  We are very confident about this partnership and we know you will be extremely pleased with this fundraiser!

When deciding on a program, we knew it was important to select a simple fundraiser with items that our parents would love and also support. Charleston Wrap® is known for their signature, Ultra-Heavy™  gift wrap.  We all love and want thick paper, am I right?  All standard rolls of gift wrap are also reversible and we absolutely love the fact that you receive two great designs for the price of one!  Talk about a fantastic value.  Charleston Wrap® offers hundreds of holiday and all-occasion gift wrap designs – it’ll be challenging to pick out your favorites!  You’ll also find a whopping amount of square footage on each roll.  You just can’t beat the value of these great products, and keep in mind, your purchase supports our school.

DEMONSTRATION:  If your school ordered a Display Kit (recommended), use one of the gift wrap rolls to demonstrate the amount of square footage on just one roll of Charleston Wrap® gift wrap.  We recommend buying a roll of gift wrap from a local dollar-type store to show a comparison of Charleston Wrap’s gift wrap roll vs. the store bought roll.  Simply ask a few volunteers to help you with the demonstration – unrolling each gift wrap roll side-by-side.  Parents will be amazed at the difference in square footage!  This is a fantastic way to showcase the value of the products.

In addition to the gift wrap and accessories, you’ll also find some fantastic gourmet kitchen cookware, home decor items, gifts for all the special people in your life, and some delicious treats, too.  Who in here likes giving personalized gifts? (pause). Great!!   You’ll have the option to personalize or monogram hundreds of gift items — This fundraiser will be the perfect way for you to support our school and check-off your holiday gift list, too! We are confident these are all products you will actually want to buy and feel proud to give them as gifts to family and friends.

Please refer to your fundraising packet for instructions and information on registering your student online, and how to send emails to friends and family through the fundraising website. Through your participation, promotion, and encouragement, we will reach our goals!  


So, here’s the deal……

Our fundraising goal amount for this campaign is  $____________.

The funds we earn will be used to: _________________________________________________________________________.

If each family sells $__________, we will meet our goal!  We love over-achievers, too, so we hope you will spread the word to family and friends on social media, through videos, texts, phone calls and email.  Please, please, please help us meet our goal of $_________.

Our fundraiser begins_____and ends ______. You may return your order and payment to school, OR simply place your order online at Please be sure to use our School ID or the Student Code you receive after student registration.  Again, this information is included in the packet you received.

INCENTIVES (if applicable)

Of course there is also something in this for your students! The more they sell, the more prizes they’ll win. We’re sure you’ll hear all about the fun prizes your student can earn by participating. Prize information can also be found in your packet.  

(optional) In addition to the prize program, our school will be offering some fun promotional perks as well, which include: _________________ (insert info about school-sponsored prizes).


We’re asking that ALL families go online tonight and register your student.  By registering, you’re taking the first step at helping our school reach our goals.

Once you register, you’ll be able to send out email invitations to family and friends, asking them to support our school.  The process is very simple.  All you do is enter the email addresses and an automated email is sent with a direct link to our school’s online fundraising website.  You’ll be able to track any orders placed on behalf of your student, view prize credits (if applicable) , and you can share our fundraising information on social media.  The more people that know about our fundraiser, the better.  So, please be sure to register online tonight – send out your emails, and share our fundraising information on social media, too.


This fundraiser is very important and your support is essential to our success. Every purchase makes a difference! If all of us work together, our school wins!  Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to a fantastic fundraiser!

Your school needs the support of parents in order to reach your goals.  Take advantage of important events like Parent Night to communicate the needs at your school and the importance of every parents’ participation.  It’s also a great opportunity to recruit a few volunteers!  You’ve got this!