Farewell Yankee Candle Fundraising.

Hello, Charleston Wrap!

Yankee Candle fundraisers were certainly a tradition for many schools and groups over the years. If your organization has previously raised funds with Yankee Candle fundraising, you may be looking for an alternative candle fundraiser. Yankee Candle fundraising announced the closing of their programs in 2020, leaving many schools and groups seeking an alternative candle fundraiser. Many of those organizations have found Charleston Wrap® as a new fundraising tradition, while exceeding their goals and keeping their supporters happy with quality candles and fragrances!

Charleston Wrap® offers quality candles.

Our candles are produced with 100% white soy wax, blended with essential oils for a luxurious fragrance. We use maximum levels of fragrance poured throughout the entire candle (not just on top of the candle) to ensure a clean burn and distinctive true-to-life scent.

  • PERSONALIZE your candles! The only thing better than a great smelling candle is one that is personalized!
  • Even burn. Our wax burns down the middle of our inclusion candles without melting the outside, retaining a beautiful look.
  • Quality candles, gift boxed.
    • 100% white soy wax blended with essential oils for a luxurious fragrance.
    • Clean burn, no soot. Lead-free wicks.
    • Both 3-wick and single wick candles available. 30-60 hour burn time.

We understand some traditions are hard to beat, but we’re confident your fundraising supporters will not only love Charleston Wrap’s candles and fragrances, but also over 2,500 top-selling must-haves and gift items – all with QUALITY in mind. Our fundraising programs offer tons of profit potential for organizations seeking big goals, and a year-after-year tradition! 

It’s all about quality. Quality products make fundraising easy.

  • Over 2,500 top-selling must-haves and gift items, including soy candles, home décor, cookware, bags and totes, our signature Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrap, and an array of personalized gift items.
  • Catalog + online ordering (traditional and contact-free options available).
  • Proven customer support for you and your supporters.
  • Higher sales. Happier customers. The best program support.

Charleston Wrap® is the BEST CHOICE in product fundraising.

Charleston Wrap has been helping schools and organizations fundraise across North America for over 25 years. Beautiful catalogs, quality products and excellent service are extremely important, and Charleston Wrap® is successful because we offer the complete package for organizations and schools like yours! From contact-free fundraising and home delivery options, to promotional tools like our ready-to-use email campaigns and social media images, to scheduling your preferred delivery date, we’re here to serve you. No other fundraiser compares when you consider why we are the BEST CHOICE in product fundraising!  We are committed to your success.

Make Charleston Wrap® a Tradition!

Your Yankee Candle Fundraiser may have been an important source of revenue your school or organization will miss, however, if you’re looking for an excellent replacement to your Yankee Candle fundraising program contact Charleston Wrap® today! We offer the highest quality products in the industry and will give you all the tools you need to increase your profits in the first year!