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Why Settle for 30% Less Profit?

Why settle for less profit? Earn more money and the funds you need with a better fundraiser. Your organization is counting on you to deliver a fundraiser with real results. Choose Charleston Wrap® for your next fundraiser and you'll be on your way to earning the funds you need. Boost participation by 25% with our motivating incentive programs Offer a superior product selection your supporters actually want and need A better value which means supporters will be glad to participate in your next [...]

Why Charleston Wrap for your 2020 Fall Fundraiser?

Why You Should Choose Charleston Wrap® for Your 2020 Fall Fundraiser What's in it for your group (and supporters) when you choose Charleston Wrap®?  Each participant receives BOTH catalogs! It’s a proven fact, two catalogs will out produce a single one every time. One order form means no extra work for the organization while earning more profit! Wrap More. Spend Less. Get 25% more wrap on a roll for 20-30% less the cost! Our Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrap is hands down the BEST VALUE in [...]

5 Juicy Facts About Spring Fundraising

Earn 30% MORE with Charleston Wrap™!  Yep, that's right! Organizations typically earn 30% MORE profit with our fundraising programs. Now that's what we call an increase! Learn more about Why Schools Earn 30% More Money with Charleston Wrap™. Quick and Easy. Our fundraiser is ready for you! We've done all the prep-work so your organization can get started right away.  From pre-collated packets, to results-proven incentive programs, we've got you covered so you can kick-off your fundraiser without the hassle of putting in [...]

Why Schools Earn More Money with Charleston Wrap

Schools and groups that switch to Charleston Wrap® for their fundraising needs typically see a 30% or more increase in the profits they earn.  How?  Just ask one of the many schools that have benefited from switching to Charleston Wrap®!  Getting buy-in from parents for your school's fundraiser can make or break your goals - In fact, parental support is imperative and directly affects the profits you earn.  But how do you get parents to jump on-board with your fundraiser to meet and [...]

Hottest NEW Trends in 2020 Spring Fundraising

Hottest NEW #Trends in 2020 #Spring #Fundraising With the start of a new decade, trends are on the rise, and that means if you're planning a product fundraiser you better start paying attention.  To have a successful product fundraiser, it's imperative to select a program that offers products families and supporters actually want to purchase.  Are you carefully selecting your fundraisers?  Are you keeping up with trends that will attract your supporters and the everyday shopper?  If not, you're doing it all [...]

A New Year’s Checklist: 5 Goals Every PTA Should Check-Off by January 31

A New Year's Checklist: 5 Goals Every PTA Fundraising Team Should Check-Off by January 31 The New Year means two things - 1. You're half-way through the school year and 2. It's time to get back to the grind, including PTA planning (time to jumpstart those PTA fundraising ideas)! With each new year, we strive to reflect, set new goals, and plan ahead. When it comes to school initiatives, student activities, and PTA fundraising, you can't just wing it.  To ensure [...]

School Focused Fundraising: Understanding the Unique Challenges of School Fundraising

Understanding the Unique Challenges of School Fundraising When choosing a school fundraiser, it's important to select an experienced company that truly knows the ins-and-outs of just that, "school" fundraising. At Charleston Wrap, we understand the unique challenges that school leaders, PTO/PTA sponsors, and parent groups face, and we’ve developed an exclusive process and set of tools to help your school’s fundraiser succeed. School Experience.   25+ years. That’s a long time – but we’re no fundraising dinosaur.  For over 2 decades we’ve [...]

Let’s Taco Bout It

Let's Taco Bout It - A Chicken Taco Recipe Sure To Make Your Weekly Dinner Rotation Summer is right around the corner, which makes us think about sunny days, vacation, and barbeques on the grill. One of our favorite recipes at Charleston Wrap is our Chicken Taco Recipe (tacos featured on pg. 33 of our Kitchen & Home 2019 Catalog) - this recipe has become one of our staples for dinnertime. One of our products featured in this recipe is our Taco [...]

It’s Better Than Ever: Charleston Wrap’s 2019 Fall Fundraiser for Schools

It's Better Than Ever. CW's 2019 Fall Fundraiser for Schools It's better than ever. When it comes to school fundraising, Charleston Wrap® seriously knows how to walk the walk.  Every Fall, schools have the opportunity to wow their parents and supporters yet again with another stellar Charleston Wrap® fundraiser. Not only that, but we continue to step-up our game each year to provide all the tools and resources our schools need for stress-free fundraising.  These are the very reasons our program books to [...]

Online Holiday Shopping Can Earn Your School Funds Too – Start Raising Funds Immediately

Online Holiday Shopping Can Earn Your School Funds Too - Start Raising Funds Immediately Could your school or group use some extra "easy" funds before the upcoming holidays? Take advantage of the bustling shopping season and start earning funds for your group immediately with Charleston Wrap's instant Online Fundraiser!  With over 1,500 quality gift items, your supporters can check-off their holiday shopping list while supporting your group, too.  From personalized and monogrammed gift items, Ultra-Heavy™ and reversible gift wrap, exclusive Kitchen & Home [...]

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