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School Fundraising Checklist

School Fundraising Checklist You’ve determined your school’s fundraising dates and signed your agreement. What’s next? Step 1: Set a fundraising goal and determine how the funds will be used Communicating your goal and the reason for fundraising will be a key factor to your success - before, [...]

School Fundraising Checklist2023-09-06T11:03:00-04:00

Elementary Fundraiser Parent Night Assembly Script

Fundraising Script for Parent Night The best time to get in front of parents to talk about your school's fundraiser is during Parent Night, Open-House, or Back-to-School Night. Don't miss a great opportunity to inform parents of your Charleston Wrap® fundraiser, your goals, and how you plan [...]

Elementary Fundraiser Parent Night Assembly Script2018-08-01T11:51:49-04:00
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