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Why Charleston Wrap for your 2020 Fall Fundraiser?

Why You Should Choose Charleston Wrap® for Your 2020 Fall Fundraiser What's in it for your group (and supporters) when you choose Charleston Wrap®?  Each participant receives BOTH catalogs! It’s a proven fact, two catalogs will out produce a single one every time. One order form means no [...]

Why Charleston Wrap for your 2020 Fall Fundraiser?2020-03-27T09:00:47-04:00

Why Schools Earn More Money with Charleston Wrap

Schools and groups that switch to Charleston Wrap® for their fundraising needs typically see a 30% or more increase in the profits they earn.  How?  Just ask one of the many schools that have benefited from switching to Charleston Wrap®!  Getting buy-in from parents for your school's fundraiser [...]

Why Schools Earn More Money with Charleston Wrap2020-03-11T08:31:12-04:00

Elementary Fundraiser Kick-Off Script

Fundraiser Kick-Off Script If you're planning on holding a live Kick-Off assembly for your school fundraiser, have no fear!  In addition to our Kick-Off Guide: 6 Tips For Planning Your Kick-Off Assembly, we've created a simple, fun, and easy-to-use Kick-Off script just for you!  Simply review the script [...]

Elementary Fundraiser Kick-Off Script2023-09-06T11:25:43-04:00
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