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A Better Value. A Better Gift Wrap Fundraiser.

Give your supporters the most bang for their buck with a fundraiser that offers a fantastic V A L U E.  We know there are plenty of gift wrap snobs out in the world (you know who you are), and we're confident the Q U A L I T [...]

A Better Value. A Better Gift Wrap Fundraiser.2020-04-27T08:14:23-04:00

Fundraising Made Easy

We make fundraising E A S Y - and that's how it should be. Earn maximum (and easy) funds with Charleston Wrap's online resources and social sharing tools! We provide all the online tools you need to expand your reach and audience for incremental sales and big profits. [...]

Fundraising Made Easy2020-04-13T09:18:37-04:00

Quality Fundraisers Matter. Why?

Quality fundraising matters, in more ways than one, and happy supporters matter, too. Does your school or organization offer a fundraiser with exclusive, show-stopping products? Are you ready to make the switch to an overall better, easier and more profitable fundraiser? Impress your supporters with your next fundraiser. [...]

Quality Fundraisers Matter. Why?2020-04-07T11:33:58-04:00

Why Settle for 30% Less Profit?

Why settle for less profit? Earn more money and the funds you need with a better fundraiser. Your organization is counting on you to deliver a fundraiser with real results. Choose Charleston Wrap® for your next fundraiser and you'll be on your way to earning the funds you [...]

Why Settle for 30% Less Profit?2020-04-07T09:17:57-04:00

Why Schools Earn More Money with Charleston Wrap

Schools and groups that switch to Charleston Wrap® for their fundraising needs typically see a 30% or more increase in the profits they earn.  How?  Just ask one of the many schools that have benefited from switching to Charleston Wrap®!  Getting buy-in from parents for your school's fundraiser [...]

Why Schools Earn More Money with Charleston Wrap2020-03-11T08:31:12-04:00
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