A New Year’s Checklist: 5 Goals Every PTA Fundraising Team Should Check-Off by January 31

PTA Fundraiser Checklist

The New Year means two things – 1. You’re half-way through the school year and 2. It’s time to get back to the grind, including PTA planning (time to jumpstart those PTA fundraising ideas)! With each new year, we strive to reflect, set new goals, and plan ahead. When it comes to school initiatives, student activities, and PTA fundraising, you can’t just wing it.  To ensure your success throughout the year, we’ve put together 5 Goals Every PTA Should Check-Off by January 31.

the number 1

Re-group, re-cap, and evaluate last Fall’s calendar.

Meet with your PTA board and committee members and take a look at your school calendar from last Fall – it’s time to grab a pen and make some notes! Was last Fall too jammed packed with activities and events, or could you have done more?  Did you meet your PTA fundraising goals?  What’s the state of the budget? What would your group do differently?  Now is the time to evaluate each individual program, activity, and PTA fundraising event.

the number 2

Send out a survey to parents and start making improvements to your programs now. 

It’s no secret that parental involvement is key to the success of any parent group. Now is the time to gather feedback from parents about the first half of the school year; the goal is to increase awareness and participation of PTA events and school fundraisers in the future. Did parents feel well-informed about school activities, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities last Fall?  Be sure to ask questions about their participation pertaining to specific PTA fundraising events (Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A, the Fall Gift Wrap Fundraiser, Donuts for Dad, etc.) and whether or not they participated – and why.  It’s very important to ask for suggestions on new ideas and ways to improve your programs. Ask now so you can make plans for improvements and adjustments in the new school year.

the number 3

Schedule and confirm meeting dates for the remainder of the school year.  

Send out the most up-to-date meeting schedule to your board members and committee chairs. With upcoming PTA elections and end-of-year school activities, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone is aware of the most current meeting schedule, including agendas and even upcoming guest speakers.

the number 4

Determine any immediate needs for the Spring and take action now.

Are funds still needed for specific school-wide projects, or perhaps funding for an upcoming class field trip that is quickly approaching?  If you need to add an easy-to-run and profitable Spring fundraiser before the end of the school year be sure to add it now before it’s too late. If you need to kick off a school fundraiser within a matter of days or if you’re looking for a hands-free fundraiser, we recommend Charleston Wrap’s  Instant Online Fundraiser – it’s quick, easy, and simple to set-up.

the number 5

Start planning for NEXT school year NOW. 

Yes. You read that right – go ahead and start planning for next school year now.  As you gather feedback from board members and parents on last Fall’s activities, go ahead and start making plans for the upcoming Fall! Make it easy on yourself and avoid scrambling at the end of the school year or during the summer.  Start outlining next year’s budget, select and schedule your preferred prime fundraising dates, and begin recruiting new volunteers and board members –  You’re going to need them if you plan on having a fun-filled school year!