How to Pick the Perfect School Fundraiser:

15 Questions To Ask Before Signing on the Dotted Line

fundraising agreement
Choosing a fundraiser for your school or organization is kind of a big deal (….seriously, it is.).  The goal is to find a fundraiser that’s easy, simple, provides excellent customer service and lots of profit potential. The funds you raise will not only be used to help your school build the playground of your dreams, or cover the cost of band camp – the funds you raise allow memories to be made, too – memories that students will never, ever forget.  That’s why it’s super duper important to choose the perfect fundraiser that fits your needs so you can maximize your success (and minimize the stress!).
Before you sign on the dotted line, here are 15 questions you should ask:
1.       Are there any upfront costs?
2.       How many volunteers are needed?
3.       How much time should I expect to invest in this fundraiser?
4.       Do supporters have the option to order online?
5.       How much profit will our organization earn?
6.       Do you offer home delivery?
7.       What makes your products different from other companies?
8.       Are orders packed by seller, or will we have to sort the items ourselves?
9.       Does the program include any frozen items that our organization will have to store?
10.     What kind of student prize incentive programs do you offer?
11.      Do you offer teacher incentives?
12.     What tools do you provide to ensure our organization’s success?
13.     What happens if an item is damaged or someone receives an incorrect item?
14.     Is there a cancellation fee if we aren’t able to complete our fundraiser?
15.     Do you have a list of references, referrals or testimonials?
So….Are you ready to find the perfect fundraiser for your school or organization? Our team at Charleston Wrap® is eager to introduce you to a variety of fundraising programs.  Together, we will find the perfect fit for you and help raise the funds you need year-after-year.  Click here to request your free info kit today and let’s get started!