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Tell me more about your 24/7 online reporting.

You'll have access to 24/7 online reporting throughout your fundraising campaign. Reports include total sales, individual sales, and participation stats, too.  At the end of your fundraiser, you'll have access to total profit amounts, including profit per participant!

Tell me more about your 24/7 online reporting.2019-05-09T10:23:42-04:00

How much of my TIME will it take to run this fundraiser?

We recommend spending 5-20 minutes to promote your fundraiser each week (yep, only 5-20 minutes!).  Promoting this fundraiser involves sending promotional emails and sharing the fundraiser on social media, but don't worry, we provide all the tools you'll need!  So, if you run your fundraiser for 2 weeks, you [...]

How much of my TIME will it take to run this fundraiser?2019-06-03T10:34:16-04:00

How EASY is this fundraiser?

This is the easiest fundraiser you'll ever run - and we think you'll agree once it's all said and done. We consider it a "hands-free" fundraiser!  All you'll need to do is share your organization's fundraising link (provided by Charleston Wrap), and you'll be on your way to raising [...]

How EASY is this fundraiser?2019-06-03T10:34:07-04:00

Is this fundraiser FREE?

Yes! This fundraiser is 100% risk-free! There is absolutely no risk to your organization.  No minimums, no fees, no hidden charges - Just a lot of opportunity for your organization to make some big bucks!

Is this fundraiser FREE?2019-06-03T10:33:56-04:00

How PROFITABLE is this fundraiser?

We find our fundraisers typically bank more profit than asking for cash because of much broader participation.  It is understandably easier for your participants to ask their friends to pick out quality products from our catalog than to ask them for cash. Plus, purchasers get a product they can [...]

How PROFITABLE is this fundraiser?2019-06-03T10:33:04-04:00
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