Not All Gift Wrap is Created Equal

It’s no secret that gift wrap is a huge seller when it comes to school fundraising.  It’s a popular item in fundraising and brings in huge profits for schools because almost everyone buys gift wrap (especially for the holidays), so why not sell it and help your school, too?  The big question is this – Are your parents and supporters getting the best value for a product they’ll need and use year-after-year?  What if we told you there’s a big ole’ difference?  Before your PTA/PTO chooses a fundraiser for your school, do your homework and be sure to consider the value of the gift wrap – because not all gift wrap is created equal!

With Charleston Wrap®, you get 25% MORE gift wrap per roll for LESS money!   

  • Our standard rolls offer a whopping 40 sq. ft. per roll *Industry standard is only 30-32 sq. ft.
  • It’s still only $8.00. *Industry standard is $10-$12
  • Our gift wrap is Ultra-Heavy™ (Yes, our paper has a trademark – it’s that good!)
  • Our standard rolls are always reversible so you get two stellar designs for the price of one. Most reversible designs can be used year-round too, which adds even more value to just one roll.

In our humble opinion, the #1 value is simple – Parents will continue supporting your school’s Charleston Wrap® fundraiser year-after-year because they’ll see the value in their purchase, too.  You want their support next year, right?  With Charleston Wrap® you can rest assured knowing your parents will feel proud when delivering their beautifully wrapped packages to family and co-workers, too.  Value is important to everyone, so offer a school fundraiser that parents will feel good about supporting each year.  We’re confident you’ve come to the right place.  With Charleston Wrap® parents and supporters will wrap more, spend less, and come back for more next year!