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Elementary School Fundraising

The goal of any elementary school fundraising campaign is to raise as much money as possible in the least amount of time. Achieving that goal, however, requires a lot of effort, time, motivation, and participation on the part of everyone involved. The success of your school’s campaign to fund an athletic team, class trip, building project, or community effort rides in large part on the fundraising catalog partner that you choose to work with. At Charleston Wrap, we have been helping schools like yours maximize their elementary school fundraisers since 1993.

Fundraising Challenges

There are a number of factors that threaten to hold back even the most enthusiastic elementary school fundraising efforts. A catalog filled with low-quality, high-cost products that most families really can’t use will only attract attention from the most dedicated grandparents! Neighbors with little interest in contributing to the cause will hardly give such products a second glance. A complicated ordering system that requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the buyer will alienate seniors and acquaintances who are only mildly interested. Finally, incentive programs that don’t appeal to students fail to compete with the other activities that demand elementary children’s time.

Campaign Options

Forget about resigning yourself to work with a single catalog that may or may not fit well with your unique elementary school fundraising campaign. Charleston Wrap offers several different elementary school fundraiser ideas, each with its own focus:

After returning to school in the fall, you may choose to concentrate your fundraising on Charleston Wrap’s popular Ultra-Heavy® reversible wrapping paper. With Christmas around the corner, friends and family will be happy to discover this high-quality, versatile, money-saving alternative to standard wrapping paper. Our delicious snacks and frozen foods are popular any time of year, and the Kitchen and Home catalog contains many items that are perfect for everyday living—just what friends and family are looking for.

Great Support

From helping you come up with great elementary school fundraising ideas to filling catalog orders efficiently, we provide expert help at every step of your elementary school fundraising campaign. Building on our decades of experience in the fundraising business, we have designed an online ordering system that is easy to use, secure, and speedy. Best of all, it saves school personnel valuable time, as the entire ordering/fulfillment process is handled by our professionals.

There are many additional benefits that you will enjoy when you choose to partner with Charleston Wrap for your elementary school fundraising needs. Exciting incentive programs that inspire kids to sell; an Internet sales site that allows out of town family to participate; and hundreds of useful, high quality products are a few of the qualities that will make this the best year ever for your school! Please contact us today to discuss your next elementary school fundraiser.