Choose how you would like to assign credit and Shop.

Shop giving a STUDENT
and a SCHOOL credit.

Enter student code here. A maximum of three students per transaction. Points will be assigned in the order in which codes are entered.

(Enter a valid 6 digit student code ONLY)


Student and School Credit

Shop giving a SCHOOL
credit, no student.

If you would simply like to credit a school and not a student, please enter the school's ID below. This works well after the official sale has ended and prizes can no longer be earned by individual students. You can shop on your school's behalf year round.

(Enter a valid 4 digit school code ONLY)


Don't know your school ID?
Look Up Your School ID Here
or see bottom of parent letter.

School credit only

Shop using a GIFT CARD

If you are using a gift card, credit has already been assigned to the student and the school

NO credit is assigned with this option.

No Credit, Gift Card Only