School Fundraising Companies

whatmekechangYou may have heard about different school fundraising companies and wonder what is the best company to go with. It’s true there are many school fundraising companies today, but there are few that care as much about quality fundraising programs and products as Charleston Wrap. We are a division of Jaxco, which has specialized in school fundraising services for several decades.

The best school fundraising companies offer a wide range of high quality products, coupled with an easy set of marketing tools to make selling a breeze. There are few school fundraising companies like Charleston Wrap who take the time to learn what teachers and parents want from fundraising programs. We are in a league of our own in terms of the school fundraising companies around the nation.

What sets Charleston Wrap apart from other school fundraising companies is the utmost quality of our merchandise, snacks and gadgets we offer. Our full color catalogues, sales sheets and kits make it easy for kids to sell. Not many school fundraising companies can offer as much as Charleston Wrap does in terms of variety of products and options, which can make it easier for kids to reach their sales goals.

Additionally, Charleston Wrap school fundraising companies make it fun for kids to earn prizes and earn money for school needs. While other school fundraising companies take months for prizes and funds to be distributed, Charleston Wrap makes sure this happens quickly so both schools and students benefit as soon as possible. We want your fundraising activities to be a success and we make it simple from start to finish.

So, don’t waste time dealing with other school fundraising companies who can’t offer as much as Charleston Wrap does. Contact us today and take advantage of our free school fundraising kit to see for yourself why we are the best.