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Fundraising Campaign Choices

When sorting through the different available fundraising campaign choices, it’s not always easy to determine which types of products will yield the best results in your school’s particular situation. Is a popcorn/frozen food campaign a good idea, or would it be better to concentrate on holiday-themed products? Kitchen gadgets are always popular, but so are fashion accessories. Then there are more unusual, thoughtful gifts like magazine subscriptions and personalized items. Charleston Wrap has good news for you: all of these and many other fundraising campaign choices are all included in our programs, so you don’t have to choose!

Holiday Products

While our unique Ultra-Heavy® reversible wrapping paper is the featured product in our Charleston Wrap catalog, we also offer a multitude of other creative, high quality holiday decorating products that you can’t get anywhere else. Your students’ families will love decking the halls with chalkboard garlands, a peppermint cocoa candle, and custom-designed family photo cards.

Home Products

Working in the kitchen is more fun with our corn zipper and other handy gadgets. Our experts have also designed a protective grill glove, mesh grill pan, and other unique grilling tools. When it’s time to take a meal on the road, personalized totes and casserole carriers let you do it in style.

Frozen Foods

Our delicious, homemade-tasting edible fundraising campaign choices always catch the attention of foodies. There are plenty of dessert and candy selections to satisfy the sweet tooth, but it doesn’t end there! Ready-to-bake pizzas and other complete frozen meals are perfect when a quick but hearty meal is in order.

Magazine Subscriptions

Choose from a dizzying variety of magazines—one to match every hobby, interest, and athletic pursuit! All your favorites are included in our catalog, from People to Southern Home and Taste of Home.

Whether your program takes place in fall or spring, there are plenty of fundraising campaign choices in the Charleston Wrap catalogs to make it a success.

We understand how important your fundraising goals are.
Let us show you just how dedicated we are in helping you achieve them.