Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas to Jumpstart Your Campaign

Charleston Wrap is all about giving you exciting alternatives to the tired, standard fundraising campaign. Our elementary school fundraising ideas will have your students' friends and family members taking a second look at the catalog and realizing that they love what they see! From useful, hardworking kitchen gadgets to frozen, ready-to-cook meals to discounted subscriptions for popular magazines, you will truly find something for everyone in our paper or online catalog. Here's an introduction to the variety of products and elementary school fundraising ideas we offer:

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas: Wrapping Paper and Seasonal Items

The centerpiece of our fundraising catalog is our unique Ultra-Heavy® wrapping paper. In addition to being sturdy and reusable, it is double-sided for maximum flexibility. Many designs feature a seasonal pattern on one side and a general pattern on the other side, so the same paper can be used year round. We complement this beautiful wrapping paper with creative holiday decorating products, including bows, gift card holders, and greeting cards.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas You Can Eat

Some of our most popular elementary school fundraising ideas involve our delicious edible offerings. There are plenty of products in our catalog to tempt the sweet tooth, such as our own signature candies, Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls, and ready-to-bake cookie dough for fresh cookies in minutes. We also cater to the family on the go, with frozen meals that are ready to cook.

Elementary School Fundraising with Personalized Products

We feature a number of different great products that your supporters can personalize for truly meaningful gifts. To put your initials on a backpack, apron, tote bag, oven mitts, or other item, simply follow the easy instructions on our website. Your unique gift will be delivered soon!

Other Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

No matter how hard someone is to buy a gift for, there is sure to be something in the Charleston Wrap catalog for them. Our elementary school fundraising ideas include subscriptions to many of today's most popular magazines, many of which come with digital versions for mobile devices as well. Supporters can browse our online catalog to find hundreds of discounted items and products not listed in our paper catalogs.

For more elementary school fundraising ideas, visit our website and give us a call. We look forward to helping you transform your fundraising campaign from a drudgery to the most exciting time of your school year.