Easy School Fundraising Ideas

whatmekechang Are you in need of easy school fundraising ideas to help raise money for an important school event or a class trip? If you are like most teachers or parent teacher leaders, you know that there are many complicated programs out there, and then there are easy school fundraising ideas . Why make things more difficult, when you can get better quality from the easy school fundraising ideas found right here at Charleston Wrap?

Charleston Wrap easy school fundraising ideas have been around for a long time, but are most often known under our founding company Jaxco. We specialize in making things simpler by providing easy school fundraising ideas, but with the same high quality you expect from our extensive product line up. Your students will have several options to choose from, such as our easy school fundraising ideas kits for holiday wrap, special occasion and birthday wraps and cards. We also give kids the option of selling affordable gifts, snacks and gadgets perfect for moms and dads.

It’s fun to use our easy school fundraising ideas to raise money for your school or charitable contribution. Students can earn fun prizes and recognition for their achievement, a perk built into all of our easy school fundraising ideas. We love to see schools succeed as they start getting out into the community with our easy school fundraising ideas and have fun doing it. All the marketing catalogues and order forms come in our easy school fundraising ideas kits to make it simple to manage from start to finish.

So, whether you are trying to raise cash to build a new playground, support an important cause or plan a school field trip, let Charleston Wrap show you how our easy school fundraising ideas can help you. Contact us today for more information and a free sample kit!

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