Private School Fundraising Ideas

Private School Fundraising Organization

You may feel like every private school fundraising organization is exactly the same as the others. Once you’ve considered a few of your options, it can easily seem like they are all slight variations on the same theme: uninspiring catalogs, cheap incentive prizes that don’t get students’ attention, and a complicated system for fundraiser organizers to figure out. Charleston Wrap is a different kind of company, and we think you will like what you see! Here are some of the key advantages that set us apart from the crowd.

Private School Fundraising Organization with Incredible Products

Charleston Wrap discards the standard pattern of most fundraiser catalogs: cheaply made products with high price tags. Instead, we fill our catalogs with beautiful kitchen accessories and tools; unique candies, cookies, and complete meals; and holiday decorating products like our Ultra-Heavy® wrapping paper. Shoppers will also be delighted to find prices that rival those of retail stores, giving them a second reason to support your school’s special projects. Our private school fundraising organization also offers a heavily discounted section of our online sales division for even better deals.

Prizes that Create Enthusiasm

The prizes we provide are ones you won’t find from the average private school fundraising organization. Even the prizes at the lowest level of our cumulative system are highly desirable and keep kids interested in selling. The laptops, remote control machines, and electronics at the higher sales levels will inspire your students to put their budding entrepreneurial skills to work!

A Private School Fundraising Organization that Provides Total Support

You’re not on your own when you choose to work with Charleston Wrap. Our private school fundraising organization gives you all the materials, recordkeeping tools, videos, instructions, and support that you need to pull off your most successful fundraiser ever. Our new clients are amazed at how much easier their campaigns are when they work with us, and our returning clients can hardly remember how they got by trying to do it all on their own. Unlike the average private school fundraising organization, we don’t expect your PTA or boosters to become expert sales managers overnight—instead, we put our expertise directly behind your campaign.

We invite you to explore our catalogs and incentive programs online. Discover just how supportive and powerful a private school fundraising organization can be, and make the most of it for your next special project fundraiser.