Private School Fundraising Ideas

whatmekechangCharleston Wrap offers the best private school fundraising ideas. We understand that fundraising for private schools is very important to help offset the tuition cost. That is why we work really hard to make sure you receive the highest profits from a Charleston Wrap fundraiser. Charleston Wrap offers a variety of private school fundraising ideas; like cookie dough, snacks, gift wrap and accessories, and kitchen and home gifts. Fundraising is very important to private schools and we want to make sure that all parents are happy and that each school has a smooth, easy, and successful school fundraiser.

Great private school fundraising ideas are to run the Charleston Wrap brochure and the Kitchen and Home brochure. There are 76 catalog pages and over 500 quality products to pick from! Your customers can choose from 39 different wraps, all of which have a reverse. Wrap designs range from holiday to all occasion! Want to add a little extra to that awesome wrap, we now offer gift wrapping accessories. Chalkboard gift tags, burlap ribbon, raffia, and trendy patterned tissue paper to name a few. Your customer is not interested in wrap, no problem! They can pick from over 300 items in the Kitchen and Home catalog. These items range from quality cooking tools, home décor, to magazines! We guarantee that you will have the highest profits following these private school fundraising ideas.

We also recommend running the fundraiser early in the year and making Charleston Wrap your # 1 fundraiser. This ensures that the market will not be saturated with other school fundraisers. With our brochures you customers have more options to pick from and more appealing and usable products. Choose Charleston Wrap we have several private school fundraising ideas! Contact one of our many sales reps to discuss the best school fundraiser for your school.