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We understand how important your fundraising goals are.

Let us show you just how dedicated we are in helping you achieve them.

Inovative Incentive Program Inovative Incentive Program
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Each student can earn up to 8 prizes!
Our combination of cumulative and pick a prize allows students the best of both worlds.
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Giant poster size prize flyer!
Each student receives a poster size prize flyer.  These are great to hang around the school to increase enthusiasm.
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Online sales count toward prize levels.
Our innovative system automatically gives students credit from their online sales.
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Increase enthusiasm everyday!
There are only about 10 school days in your fundraising campaign. We help you make the most out of all 10!

Instant Internet Prize
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Increase your sale with the internet!
Have out of town friends and relatives support your sale via our online store. We continually have higher internet sales than any other company.
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Student wins for every 10 emails sent.
It's simple with our automated email invitation to shop.
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Students can track their progress.
Students can see who purchased for them and how many items they have sold online.
Teacher Incentives
Teacher Incentives
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Teachers are intergral to your sale!
Let's face it , teachers are a big key to the success of your fundraiser.  They should be rewarded!
Promotional Videos
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Videos available to promote your sale!
These are a collection of 2010 promotional videos used to help promote your sale. THE FALL 2011 VIDEOS WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.
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